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I beat morrowind recently, but I’m playing on mods, plus tribunal and bloodmoon. So I decided I’d start playing oblivion. It’s pretty good, I had to crank down the settings to work properly with my Geforce 6200, but the playback was flawless in wine. The story seems rather bland though, compared to morrowind, and I dislike omnipotent guards and merchants (c’mon, how are the merchents supposed to know the item’s stolen?). Aside from the obvious graphical improvements though, I must admit, I’m quite pleasantly surprised by the quality of the physics engine. The main things I don’t like are that it seems far less realistic than morrowind, and, like I said, more generic. Cyrodiil was supposed to be a jungle, not a stereotypical fantasy forest. Imperial city was far too small as well. Overall, I’d rate it 7/10. By comparison, morrowind goes up to 11. It’s a decent play, not great. I still have high hopes for skyrim.


New computer!

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

I picked up a new computer recently. It’s good; not great, but with room for expandability. The biggest thing is pci-e support; it’s been hell being tethered to AGP. I ordered a 9600 GT that should arrive tomorrow or the next day, and am swapping the 300W PSU for a 480W model. I may also be replacing the RAM and motherboard with something from AMD; I prefer their processors, and this motherboard only has PCI-e 1.0 and socket 775 support. Man I’d love to have a Phenom II x6…


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I just haven’t had any material to post about- the last 2 weeks have just been- sorta boring.

Epic Linux Kernel patch

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I am your rightful ruler, the almighty tux. Bow before me.

233 lines of sheer epic is how I describe it. In theory, I’m not even supposed to be able to run 1080p video on my computer; 2.8Ghz single core. Now I can do that on a separate monitor, code in emacs, write articles about the failings of vi in vi, and compile software all at the same time. It’s truly amazing. That said, I should soon experience some sort of multitaskingasm when I upgrade to a hex-core processor this December. Anyway, the patch is planned to be integrated in 2.6.38.

Two Announcements

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m working on a few things right now for posting, 3 actually. One is basically a statement of my beliefs, my views as a person. Its quite broad and’ll probably be a good read once I’m done with rewriting for grammar. The second is, what else, my scifi novel (well more of a short story at the moment). I’ll be posting some chapters up here, under creative commons attributed, share alike, non commercial. Also working on an extremely long posting about government, what it is properly, what it has become and how to fix it.

Aside from that, most all my computers are now screwed to some degree. My personal laptop now no longer has a screen, my other one has a battery life of 15 seconds (which is fine though, because its hooked up to my TV for morrowind and Fallout 3), another laptop which I frequently use now has a completely screwed battery, life of about 10-15 minutes and unexpected shutdowns. My main desktop is fine save two things: A. I have a frikin nvidia geforce 4. B. no internet. The other has a rather unstable ubuntu install which I’m planning to swap to debian over break this week. I’m planning on at some point swapping out my antiquated geforce 4 for a 6800 (or better yet, a 7800, but I’m limited to AGP). Still, for a card nearly a decade old, it’s still pretty solid. It can play 1080p h.264 (forgive me stallman, for I have sinned in using a non-free codec. Converting to theora this weekend.) on a 25xx by 15xx monitor; I can’t remember the exact number but its well above what the card is rated at. Even more insane is that it does this while I’m coding in emacs on the separate workspace occupied by my normal 1280×1024 LCD, two extra xterms doing… something underneath (tiled). This new kernel patch really is something, eh?

..but I’ve been having, among other things, computer troubles. That is, my laptop got stepped on, destroying the screen. That compounded with the fact that it’s only got svga output and the fact that the monitor which I could connect it to in tandem with my DVI out desktop is well outside wireless range makes it difficult to post. I’m working on getting a wired network to my desktop which is not currently net connected, but it could take quite a while. I plan to make two more postings today to rectify my latest drought.


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I just felt like venting a little bit about a specific topic; science fairs. Or rather, their modern day castrated incarnation. Being in AP/Gifted classes, I’m forced to participate; I can’t opt out. Ordinarily, I love science but this is an exception; this science fair, its not science its bookkeeping! No live demonstrations in the presentation room, only pictures charts and plenty of paperwork. I absolutely hate something as awesome as pure science being wrapped up in layers of bureaucracy, but that’s what’s happening. Sometimes I wonder if this kind of thing is what’s causing our shocking technological stagnation. Other times, I’m well aware that it is. I do not see good things in store for this society until the great reset button is pushed.