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TI-84 Plus

Seeing as it’s a course requirement this year, I expect most people also taking the accelerated math course to be carrying a TI-83/84. I will be writing and distributing useful programs for the calculators through a section on my blog. All of them will be free as in freedom (modify and look at the source code), but a one of them will cost a bit of money (10-15$). The rest, such as math tools and text based games will not. I am also open to programming on request for a fee dependent on how complex the program is. One of the major programs I’ll be charging a couple bucks for for will be a TI-83/84 emulator. Basically it’s recursive- it runs a TI-83/84 inside your TI-83/84. However, it provides a sizable advantage- when someone presses the wipe or reset button while you’re running it, it wipes out the programs on your emulator, not your calculator, allowing you to keep other programs. As far as games go, since I’ll just be porting or hosting ports to existing games like Dunnet or Nethack, they’ll be free in both meanings of the word, same for programs that enhance and add abilities for calculation.