I got a copy of oblivion for christmas

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

I beat morrowind recently, but I’m playing on mods, plus tribunal and bloodmoon. So I decided I’d start playing oblivion. It’s pretty good, I had to crank down the settings to work properly with my Geforce 6200, but the playback was flawless in wine. The story seems rather bland though, compared to morrowind, and I dislike omnipotent guards and merchants (c’mon, how are the merchents supposed to know the item’s stolen?). Aside from the obvious graphical improvements though, I must admit, I’m quite pleasantly surprised by the quality of the physics engine. The main things I don’t like are that it seems far less realistic than morrowind, and, like I said, more generic. Cyrodiil was supposed to be a jungle, not a stereotypical fantasy forest. Imperial city was far too small as well. Overall, I’d rate it 7/10. By comparison, morrowind goes up to 11. It’s a decent play, not great. I still have high hopes for skyrim.


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