Two Announcements

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m working on a few things right now for posting, 3 actually. One is basically a statement of my beliefs, my views as a person. Its quite broad and’ll probably be a good read once I’m done with rewriting for grammar. The second is, what else, my scifi novel (well more of a short story at the moment). I’ll be posting some chapters up here, under creative commons attributed, share alike, non commercial. Also working on an extremely long posting about government, what it is properly, what it has become and how to fix it.

Aside from that, most all my computers are now screwed to some degree. My personal laptop now no longer has a screen, my other one has a battery life of 15 seconds (which is fine though, because its hooked up to my TV for morrowind and Fallout 3), another laptop which I frequently use now has a completely screwed battery, life of about 10-15 minutes and unexpected shutdowns. My main desktop is fine save two things: A. I have a frikin nvidia geforce 4. B. no internet. The other has a rather unstable ubuntu install which I’m planning to swap to debian over break this week. I’m planning on at some point swapping out my antiquated geforce 4 for a 6800 (or better yet, a 7800, but I’m limited to AGP). Still, for a card nearly a decade old, it’s still pretty solid. It can play 1080p h.264 (forgive me stallman, for I have sinned in using a non-free codec. Converting to theora this weekend.) on a 25xx by 15xx monitor; I can’t remember the exact number but its well above what the card is rated at. Even more insane is that it does this while I’m coding in emacs on the separate workspace occupied by my normal 1280×1024 LCD, two extra xterms doing… something underneath (tiled). This new kernel patch really is something, eh?


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