Conlcusions in the world of gaming- Morrowind is awesome

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Gaming


Morrowind is awesome

Morrowind is awesome. It’s barley comprehensible just how awesome it really is; and I haven’t installed any mods, or Tribunal and Bloodmoon (by the way, if you don’t own a copy, game of the year edition is a good buy: Amazon). The scope of the game is simply mind blowing, each game can be as similar or as different from the next as you want, and the gameplay is more open world than most MMOs. Simply put: there are no right or wrong ways to play Morrowind, play however the hell you want. You want to play by the book and get the wraithguard from the demi-god Vivec? Great. You want to just kill him, embed his soul in your sword, and loot the wraithguard off of his cold corpse? That’s fine too. You can literally kill anybody you want (but you’ll also face the consequences if they’re essential to completion of the main quest). Want to level the natural way? Fine. Want to skip it by becoming a werewolf or vampire? That’s cool. Want to kill somebody for their house? Alright. Want to design a mod to give you a house- no, a castle- in the middle of downtown Balmora? OK. This game is a must have, simply put. And if possible, get the PC version instead of the Xbox version; the elder scrolls construction set is quite epic.

  1. jswf says:

    I second this. Morrowind > all. My only gripe is loss of energy when walking (but that can be fixed with mods.) Best game ever.

    • lanteran says:

      yeah, I feel sorry for those who bought the xbox version. Sometimes the loss of energy while running helps you out with strategy though; a game too easy is never good. I always liked (after the first few days of playing at least) how morrowind is filled with psychopaths who’ll freak out and kill you as soon as they see you, makes it interesting.

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