Linux killer apps

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Computers

Everyone talks about killer apps for windows, or OS X that they can’t live without, but what about linux killer apps? There are plenty of them, some available on windows, some of them not. This is a list in order of awesomeness.

1. Yakuake

The must-have addition to any true linux user's desktop

Because every linux computer should must have a drop down terminal. Its mandatory.

2. Bluefish

Nice tab bar hm?

I ran into this gem about 2 years ago, when I got into web design. It does everything, finishes tags, fast code links, and a ribbon interface which microsoft used as the base for the office ’07 UI. I would not recommend writing web pages without it.

3. Blender

Simply the best 3D modeling software ever. Powerful, simple (after you learn how to use it), and free.

I just had an idea for another post- I’ll be adding more applications later.


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