Lord of the Rings Online goes free to play- first impressions

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

LOTRO went free to play on friday, and I had a nice long play session to see if its a game I’m likely to pick up as my new dominant MMO. Its pretty nice overall, my main problems are with the pitiful amount of content available to free players, and the massive amount of things even subscribers and premiums have to pay for. For instance, the free to plays are holed in this tiny section of the map, but even within this section they have to buy half the travel options from horse-masters (think griffins in WoW). You can buy yourself a mount at level 5, but you have to pay 500 turbine points (5$) to be able to use it. You cannot participate in PvP. I know its likely to change in time, but until that time I’m sticking to DDO.


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