Posted: September 5, 2010 in Computers, Gaming

I really like mmo’s, and I do actually have quite a lot of choice even as a linux gamer. Here’s a decent list of my top 7 MMOs.

1. Lord of the Rings Online

A screenshot showcasing LOTRO's excellent graphics

To start this off: I’m a die-hard Tolkien fan. Now that’s out of the way, LOTRO tops my list for good MMOs because  it has:

  • Modest system requirements- an old geforce 3 is good enough.
  • Excellent upper range graphics.
  • Player housing system.
  • It’s lord of the rings!
  • Fun to play.
  • Excellent story.
  • Lord of the rings.
  • Swapping to a free to play with premium content system in *drumroll* 5 days!
  • Based on the books more so than the movies.
  • Did I mention lord of the rings?
  • Unique and excellent PvP system

The player housing system is pretty cool- there’s several instanced versions of the same neighborhood containing your and other people’s houses, and there are 3 levels of houses- standard, deluxe, and guild. Its quite nicely done, and there’s no racial restrictions. For instance, I’m a human lore master because that’s just my thing, but I own a house at thorin’s halls in Ered Luin (god that phrase is fun to say). The PvP system is really cool, once you hit level 10 you’re granted the ability to use monster play. That’s where you get handed a level 65 (cap) monster of sauron and fight level 40+ free peoples characters in the ettenmoors. I also like the title system, for instance you kill 50-100 of <mob> you get the title of <mob> slayer, if you kill a certain number, you gain a special ability from it.

2. Dungeons and Dragons Online

The bar in stormreach which I can't remember the name of

Second on my list of excellent MMOs is Dungeons and Dragons Online, from the same people who made LOTRO (Turbine). A lot of its bonuses are the same as LOTRO’s, but here goes:

  • Modest requirements
  • Excellent graphics
  • No race/class restrictions (finally, I can be a dwarf mage or a hobbit barbarian).
  • Wide selection of classes and sub classes.
  • Decent story.
  • A good selection of caster classes, I like the cleric’s roll as armored healer.
  • The necromancer class (Every MMO needs this).
  • Guild Airships! AIRSHIPS!
  • Airships.
  • Airships.

As you can see, besides the nice selection of caster classes (which I honestly prefer), I love airships. Airships. Besides airships, the major reason I like this MMO is because, obviously, it has extremely nice dungeons (D&D, hello!). I like dungeon running with a party of friends, it’s really quite enjoyable, especially with a voice chat system, and the DM voice overs are also quite awesome. One thing that I absolutely love about this MMO is the total absence of artificial limits on character creation. I’m just going to shout out a few MMO taboos. Dwarf mage! Hobbit barbarian! Hobbit paladin! Dwarf necromancer! Its not entirely without limits though, dwarves have lower charisma, thus lower mana, and hobbits are weak and flimsy. Still. Playable, like LOTRO, on linux via pylotro.

3. Runescape

Meh, unavoidable

I don’t want to assemble a pros and cons list, so I’ll just say it like it is: RuneScape is fun. It really is. Player owned housing system, character/server independence, open world PVP, extremely light requirements, platform independent, f2p with p2p upgrades, insane amount of quests. It’s pretty nice. The only thing its really lacking is a mount system, but otherwise, it’s an excellent game. If you can deal with those graphics, that is 🙂

4.World of Warcraft

It's awesome. Just don't get sucked in.

World of warcraft is completely awesome. Dwarves with guns, gnomes with HUD goggles who’s home city is swimming in radioactive waste, its got it all. Except a player owned housing system. But its so completely addictive, fun, and expensive that you’d do best to stay away, far away. Trust me.

5. Regnum Online

Regnum Online

Regnum’s a pretty nice game, native linux support, decent graphics, nice community. Its open world RvR PvP combat, a nice selection of terrains and monsters and a mount system. The major hurdle it needs to overcome is the self destructive company controlling it: NGD. They continually alienate their user base by removing content and never adding any. The game’s fun until you get to about level 43, the last quest you ever have. Then you have to grind endlessly. To put it in perspective, level 25 is not halfway to 50. Level 47 is halfway to 50. Once you hit 50, you’ve got nothing to do except collect an implausible amount of a rare mineral to create a special weapon. *yawn*

I end it here because I own this blog and I can do this kind of thing.


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