10 firefox addons I now can’t live without

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Computers

About a month ago, I said that firefox was one of the most extensible browsers in existence; it is. Recently, there are several add-ons I’ve become so accustomed to that its a pain to work without them. Here they are in the order of most epic to least.

1. Adblock Plus

The best adblocking software EVER. I have literally not seen an advertisement outside a video in the two days since I’ve installed it, it even adjusts the page length and width to compensate for the missing object. This is one addon that makes the web far more enjoyable. It even blocks the ad-bar in youtube videos (but not the in video commercials… I hate you google…)

2. Fast Dial

Something quite useful that’s been in chrome and opera for a while, instead of giving you a blank page when you open a new tab, it gives you a list of website thumbnails that you insert.

My firefox with all its modifications, fast dial.

3. Noscript/flashblocking addons

I hate flash. I hate it with a passion. It slows down your computer and eats up hardware resources like nobody’s business, not to mention its use in tracking your movements and the fact that its a binary blob. Simply put: flash is a mess. But unfortunately, I have to deal with it sometimes. The solution? Block all flash, and simply unblock that which you want to play. Speeds up browsing a thousand times over, not to mention security.

4. Mail client

Quite convenient to integrate a good mail client into a web browser; it means I’ll check my email more often than with a desktop client.

Mail client

5. Youtube downloader

I know google doesn’t want me to download youtube videos. I also don’t care, I have the right to watch the videos wherever whenever.

Note the download link just below the video

6. New theme

Notice the Hyrule triforce theme in my browser? Its one of those new persona things, its basically a skin for your existing theme. They take about 5 seconds to install (DSL/wi-fi) and they’re pretty cool, too, check out the persona gallery sometime.

7. Music player

I like a bit of music when I’m browsing and foxytunes is an excellent control for pandora, a free net radio station that plays music you like, plus music similar to the stuff you like, introducing you to new music. If you use youtube for music, it also works pretty well. Screenshot’s in the bottom bar of all my previous pictures.

8. IRC client

irc (internet relay chat) is a nice, old protocol for web chatrooms, fast light and free. Even better, you don’t get quite as many idiots because its rather obscure among the majority of computer users. Anyhow, I love to use it for chatting with tech communities I’m part of in real time. I use chatzilla.

9. WordPress toolkit addon. Helps me keep track of my blog and reminds me not to simply abandon it 🙂 also helps with new content posting.

10. Tabs on the side

As most people use widescreen monitors, tabs on the side make sense; and they’re more convenient. All previous pictures show them.


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