Most of the best games ever written have already be written.

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Gaming

The Legend of Zelda, one of the last long games.

Its true. Think about it, how long has it been since you’ve played a game that actually had a replay value or distracted you for more than 5 hours? Chances are: a while. (unless you’re a zelda/final fantasy fan or something) Except games from those two series, I haven’t ever played a modern game that I haven’t beaten in less than 5 or 6 hours. Maybe I’m just a good gamer, but I really doubt that. The problem is that modern games seem to be designed around having the best graphics, or the most well designed world, and very few have very decent AIs anymore. Case in point: Master of Orion 1. (available for free download here, its out of copyright. Use Dosbox to play it!). That is an AI that can think strategically. It builds up armada of destruction to reign death upon my worlds, so I build up missile defenses and planetary shields. They see this with their spy network, stop constructing their fleet, and scrap it for money to be used towards creating weapons powerful enough to destroy my defenses. I happened to loose that game (first game I played on impossible). Then another time, I declared war on a former NAP member after they assaulted an allied world. Later they surrendered but refused to discuss treaties because they thought (rightfully so) I was untrustworthy. The AI in one of my civilization games is so poor, by the time I’ve got B2 bombers and nuclear weapons, some nations haven’t instructed their settlers to build their first city. I still haven’t quite beaten Zelda: Link to the past (1991, SNES) after 3 weeks of progress. I never beat NetHack. I defeated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in 5 hours. 20$ for five hours. NetHack is free and I’ve gotten weeks of enjoyment (and frustration) out of it. So before you go out buying new games, check some older titles. 95% content, 5% graphics.


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