Which browser should you use?

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Computers

In short?

Anything but Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

There’s a test known as the Acid3 Test that shows how standards compliant a browser is, basically how well it follows the rules and laws of web design. Google chrome:100. Firefox:97. Safari:100. Opera:100. Internet Explorer? 30. In addition to not supporting the amazing html5, almost any code you write more advanced than html will need to be rewritten for Internet explorer. Every time you use IE,  a web developer dies ;). I refuse to believe that a company making billions a year makes a browser 3 times inferior to Firefox which is developed by a free community. So do the tubes a favor, and don’t use internet explorer.

Now, for the alternatives!

Google Chrome


  • 100% Acid3 compliant, any site you go to will render correctly.
  • Developed by Google, a company that won’t be going out of business. Ever. Probably.
  • Open source; it’s free as in freedom. You can look at and change the code behind the program. Plus you always know it’s virus free (windows users).
  • Very fast, very light. The fastest browser I’ve ever used.


  • There aren’t many extensions for it yet.
  • The interface is very small and unconventional.

Mozilla Firefox


  • Very widely used at over 28% of the market; everyone cares about supporting it.
  • Vast extensions library. Literally over 2 billion extensions have been downloaded.
  • Incredibly customizable, you can make it look almost any way you want.
  • Decent interface, fairly conventional.
  • Open source as described above.


  • Rather bulky, somewhat slower than chromium.
  • Only scored a 97 on Acid3. No big deal, really.



  • Faster than chromium; currently the fastest browser.
  • Extremely feature rich, IRC client, bit torrent client, file server and much more.
  • 100 score on Acid3. Every site will render correctly.
  • Sleek interface.
  • Supportive community.


  • Closed source unlike the above two browsers. It’s safe to download, however.
  • Lighter on extensions than the others.
  • 1% market share.
  • Some of those annoying browser-sniffing websites won’t allow you to visit.

Of the choices, I recommend Firefox due to the extreme customizability. Go to chromium if you prefer speed, though.


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