My Viewpoints Concerning Software Piracy

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Computers
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High tech piracy icon
Software piracy. It ruins good programs by convincing developers to lace them with copy protection. It also allows abandonware to live on. I like and dislike piracy, I like it because games I would otherwise never find a copy of (master of orion 2 for instance), I can download for free. I hate it because every succeeding generation of games becomes more and more closed. I think pirating new software is wrong, they need those funds to survive. However, once a product’s made all the money it’s going to make (hence becoming more or less abandonware) it’s just fine, you aren’t hurting anyone. As far as how companies make a profit, I really like how id Software releases the source code of their engines (but not models) every couple of years. That encourages people to build addons and new games. And you only have to wait a few years after a game comes out to play it openly and legally.


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